Sayedna Al-Hussein Mosque

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Sayedna Al-Hussein Mosque

Audio Technology had the honor to be part of the renovation of Sayedna Al-Hussein Mosque (مسجد سيّدنا الحُسين) which is the mosque and mausoleum of Sayedna AL-Hussein Ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed. It was originally built in 1154, & then later reconstructed in 1874. The mosque is located in Cairo, near Khan El-Khalili bazaar; very close to the famous Al-Azhar Mosque.
Al-Hussein Mosque is considered to be one of the most sacred Islamic sites in Egypt. The mausoleum is considered to be what is left of the Fatimid architecture in the building.
The main mosque is covered by JBL’s next-generation in pattern control, the CBT 1000 speakers. The speaker coverage settings sends more sound toward the far area of the room than to the near areas, resulting in more even front-to-back SPL levels.
The new Waveguide design provides a very wide angle for the short-throw distances, while providing a narrower angle for the long-throw distances, insuring superior coverage in both the front and rear corners of a mosque. The two-way coaxial design provides a wide bandwidth. eliminating frequency response irregularities.
The newly added ladies praying area was furnished with the CBT 100, a smaller member of the same family of Line Array Column Loudspeakers as the main mosque. It’s slim, compact design fits well into the architectural interior. The combination of superior sound quality, excellent pattern control, and compact design makes it ideal for this area.
The outdoor piazza of the mosque is covered by JBL’s highly weather-resistant full-range compact, coaxial 2-way loudspeaker, the AWC129. The speakers use high-power coaxial 12-inch low frequency driver and 1-inch-high frequency compression driver. The co-axial design eliminates high-frequency beaming. The result is a coaxial speaker with wide, extremely consistent 90° coverage on a broadband basis.

All speakers are driven by Crown Power Amplifiers. The dual channel I-Tech 5000HD, 2500W/channel powers the mosque inner speakers, while the 8 channel DCI8X600 600W/channel powers the outer speakers.
The mosque is powered by a collection of wired and wireless Shure microphones. A QLXD wireless system that includes SM86/58 hand-held microphones, WL185 neck microphones, as well as the system back-line from antennas, antenna distributer/combiners, and microphone stands. The wired system includes KSM8 and SM58 microphones.
Soundcraft GB2-16 analog mixer with 16 mono channel/16 faders, and the BSS BLU-100 with 12 inputs and 16 outputs Signal Processor are added to the back-side of the system to insure solid performance and high quality of sound.
Finally, the Minarets were furnished with complete ho


rn/driver system designed for use in standalone voice-range sound reinforcement and announcement/signaling applications. The Community RSH-462 provides focused, very high output sound projection, as well as long-term durability and weather-resistance.
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