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RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Riedel Funk- und Intercomtechnik) is a German manufacturer of communications equipment and an equipment distributor. Riedel was founded in 1987 in Wuppertal, Germany by Thomas Riedel.

Riedel has three business segments: Manufacture of communication equipment, rental service and radio distribution. The company has over 500 employees and is based in the “RIEDEL Technologie Park” (Uellendahler Str. 353 in 42109 Wuppertal, Germany).

Riedel’s technology has been used in numerous international events, including Formula 1 races, World Championships and the Olympic Games. Many broadcasting companies, theatres and industrial facilities use Riedel systems for smaller applications and events. In 2003 Riedel won the “Wuppertaler Wirtschaftspreis”. It has also received three Emmy Awards.