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OPTOKON a.s. is a leading global producer and supplier of premium active and passive fiber optic components specializing in fully tested integrated data network, FTTx, and tactical military solutions. Our components and solutions can be found in applications in businesses, communities, and armed forces throughout the world.

OPTOKON, an ISO 9001 and EMS ISO 14 001 certified company, was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in the Czech Republic

In May 2020, OPTOKON signed a Cisco Solution Technology Integrator Agreement meaning that the company is entitled to ‘design in’ Cisco products and software into OPTOKON solutions. OPTOKON is also a Select Certified Partner of Cisco with Express Specialization.

The operational management structure of the OPTOKON Group is based on a matrix organization consisting of six manufacturing divisions utilizing state-of-the-art technology and strong technical expertise to create the OPTOKON product portfolio. This is coupled with regionally managed OPTOKON facilities comprised of company branches and distribution outlets thus ensuring an active global distribution network to meet customer demand.

OPTOKON products connect businesses, communities, and the armed forces with unique high-performance interconnect solutions supported by dedicated services and training. Six manufacturing divisions utilizing state-of-the-art technology coupled with strong technical expertise create the OPTOKON product portfolio.

Our global customer base trusts OPTOKON products and for over 30 years we have designed and manufactured each product to deliver exactly as promised; each time rapidly reacting with flexibility and efficiency. Customers choosing OPTOKON work closely with our team of dedicated professionals happy to assist at every step in the process. Their knowledge and expertise will help you find the interconnect solution you require.

OPTOKON Jihlava is the mother company of the so-called “OPTOKON GROUP”. an extensive distributor network comprised of OPTOKON branches, representative offices. OPTOKON branches: Czech Republic (OptoNet), Czech Republic (OPTOKON Kable), Turkey (OPTOKON Elektronik), Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Latvia
OPTOKON Representation: Serbia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Oman.

By strategically investing in business activities around the world, “OPTOKON GROUP” has become one of the leading suppliers of passive fiber optic components and equipment for data networks.

OPTOKON is dedicated to providing attentive customer service and support, fast delivery, and a product knowledge base spanning almost 30 years of experience.