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Short brief

This project seeks to integrate a number of security systems for existed building and new buildings


The main focus of the project is to manage IP video cameras that are connected to a proprietary recording system (VMS) which feeds all live or recorded camera images and PTZ control to the AppVision PSIM video matrix and module. Appvision will link the CCTV footage of Milestone and MaxPro with all related alarms/events and facilitate cause/effect between the CCTV and the other systems.

Project Systems:

  1. CCTV: Appvision will unify two systems: Milestone VMS and Honeywell MaxPro Servers.
  2. BMS: DDC panels with BACnet/IP.
  3. Access Control System: Appvision will unify two access control systems: Honeywell Winpak, and HID VertX.
  4. Fire Alarm: (Mircom)BACNET/IP alarm panels



Milestone “VMS”

HID “Access control Panels and Readers”

Hanwha Techwin “Cameras)


Project Challenges

Main challenge is to provide a solution that can build a bridge between existing systems and new proposed system in a way that can unify them and control all systems from one location and throughout one platform. We succeeded to do that using Command and control center application product called PRYSM. Now we are able to monitor (Cameras, access control system, fire alarm system and BMS throughout PRYSM)