Equestrian Club

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The renovation of equestrian club in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. Opened in February 2021,

With such a huge space, it was critical that audio coverage to be clear and homogenous throughout more than 35,000 square meter.

The complex was built to accommodate warm up field, Horse practice field, show jumping field, green field and restaurants area. All spaces equipped with an impressive sound lineup of technology.

Using of JBL’s Constant Beamwidth Technology (CBT) series taking responsibility for main audio coverage within the space.

  • 8 x JBL’s CBT 70J-1 were installed for show jumping field coverage, in combination with 8 x JBL’s CBT 100LA-1 were installed for audience area coverage.
  • 4 x JBL’s CBT 70J-1 were installed for warm up field coverage.
  • 16 x JBL’s CBT 70J-1 were installed for practice field and green field coverage.

All speaker driven using CROWN CDI series powerful audio power amplifier, with SOUNDCRAFT mixers and BSS audio DSPs.

Speech reinforcement is offered via SHURE SLX series wireless microphone system

Finally customer satisfaction is achieved by system design, system implementation with best performance in less than two months by Audio Technology design and installation teams.