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Reports to:   Design and Pre-Sales Manager

Responsibilities / Account-abilities:

  1. Study assigned projects and prepare their offers according to technical specs / client requirements / sales person orientation / warehouse stock in a quality / economical way within the scheduled lead time
  2. Study assigned design build projects as per the client/sales requirements
  3. Prepare comparison reports / compliance sheets / AutoCAD block diagrams and equipment layouts
  4. Respond to client /contractor/consultant comments/remarks and prepare the revised offers accordingly.
  5. Prepare documents necessary for preparation of submittals
  6. Participate in the technical negotiations /meetings that may be required with clients / contractors / consultants
  7. Participate in the training sessions organized on a regular basis to consultants / sales team /design tea
  8. Upon awarding a project designed by himself, he has to:-
    • Consolidate all the final documents related to the awarded project (specs, technical offer, compliance sheet, block diagrams/layouts, correspondences) in a separate installation folder
    • Hold a technical meeting with the project manager from the installation team to clarify / explain all the technical aspects/details related to the awarded project.
    • Arrange a visit to the site with the project manager for a site survey to inspect adequacy of the offered/PO items and make the necessary variations according to the site condition
  9. Respond to additional tasks assigned to him
  10. Participate in the training online webinars/sessions held by equipment manufacture
  11. Improve his technical background on a regular basis by studying new equipment developed by manufacturers/ searching in the internet about new technologies / studying equipment manuals
  12. Make the necessary communications (E-mail / telephone) with the manufactures technical support for any technical assistance that may be required during the project design / awarding phase.
  13. Seeking for new systems/manufacturers to extend /enlarge the company scope of work.
  14. Co-operate closely with the sales team during the preparation of the project offer and make the necessary variations that may be required.
  15. Co-operate closely with the installation project manager during the installation phase and respond to any technical feedback.
  16. Prepare all kinds of technical / statistical reports that may be required.
  17. Report instantaneously to his manager about any difficulties that may arise during the project’s design phase.
  18. Co-operate closely in a sacrificing / self-denial manner in terms of exchanging information, seeking Support with the design staff especially in team work mega projects


  1. University graduate in a related field.
  2. High engineering qualifications in this industry
  3. High computer skills
  4. Strong organization skills including planning.
  5. Dynamic and initiative person.
  6. Problem solving skills, high business flexibility aspects
  7. Coaching, training, mentoring, and consultancy competencies
  8. High level of facilitation skills including interactive/ communication skills
  9. Excellent knowledge of Arabic & English languages (written and spoken).
  10. Must be mobile; the job will involve some traveling.

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