Cairo Stadium Multi Purpose Complex Hall

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The target was to furnish the Cairo International sports arenas with a sound-system that complies with the international Handball Federation (IHF) standards, and to deliver the requirements of the sport as this arena is hosting the world championship to-be-held in Egypt 2021. For that, two issues are always the main concern when it comes to public sports arenas, sound pressure and sound intelligibility.

JBL’s state of the art speakers VTX-V20 (hall1) and VTX-A8 (hall2) are used to cover the audience area, while using the power of the AC2212/95 Speakers with its wide dispersion angle to cover the play-field area.

There were an initial design for the main hall with only 5 Clusters of 8 VTX-V20 & 2 Subs VTX S25.