Cairo Opera House

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The Cairo Opera House is the main performing arts center in the Egyptian capital. The main hall can seat up to 1200 people. It has four levels, including orchestra seating, three tiers of balconies and a presidential box.

Loudspeakers should be located in the stage frame, hidden by the existing acoustic grids.

The System is composed of:
Phase 1
Two arrays (Left-Right) each composed of: 6X Karai 2 X SB18i
In fills two horizontal arrays (Left-Right) each composed of: 2 ARCS WIDE 1SB18i
Phase 2
Front fills mounted along the front of the stage 9 x 5XT
In fill loudspeakers on each side of the room 2 x 5XT
Delay fills under the first balcony composed of 12 x 5XT
Delay fills under the third balcony composed of 8 x 5XT
Delay fills under the fourth balcony composed of 4 x X8

In order to run different shows in different halls in the Cairo Opera House, we have supplied one VI3000 console complete with stage box & all needed accessories, as well as, one VI1 digital console. Even though if needed, we can connect the two consoles together with the ability to multitrack record up to 64 channels via Danti.