Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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In order to meet the requirements of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, the system proposed by L-Acoustics is based on a modular line sources KARAi, hanging, with its front fills, delays and LF reinforcement.
Each cluster of KARAi is composed of 10 speakers, and is hanging at 8m above the ground. Four SB18i subwoofers will be hanging at the same height next to each KARAi arrays. One SB28 subwoofer, under the stage. Some coaxial speakers X8 will be used as front fills and as delays under the balcony.
The whole system will be controlled and amplified by nine LA4X and one LA8 amplified controllers.

In order to run different shows, we supplied two VI4 consoles that can be connected together in order to use them as main front of house console & monitor console.

Max number of simultaneous mixing channels 96 mono inputs into 35 Outputs. Pairs of mono inputs can be linked to create stereo channels
Insert points 24 insert send/return pairs can be configured (using available I/O) and assigned to any of the 96 inputs or 35 output channels
Direct Outputs All 96 input channels can have direct outputs in addition to their internal bus routing, assuming sufficient I/O is available (eg optical MADI card)
Busses 32 Grp/Aux/Matrix, plus main LCR Mix and LR Solo busses (maximum of 16 matrix outputs can be configured)