Masa Hotel – New Alamein City

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Masa Hotel – New Alamein City

Audio Technology Co. – is a leader integrator in the special LC integrated solutions in Egypt.
We are thrilled that our Audio Visual solution is a part of Masa Hotel in Alamein New City, one of the iconic locations in this city.

Our newly installed L-Acoustics Syva speakers inside the Ballroom along with fine pixel pitch PP1.2 mm LED Screen from Dicolor, with complete AV switching and control solution to deliver premium experience to the guest.
Another 5 meeting rooms, equipped with a combination of class “A” products such as Shure discussion system and wireless microphones, CRESTRON AV switching, and finally one of the best innovation BOSE Edgemax speakers using sound phase guide technology.

And the iconic circular board room, there was the challenge to deliver best eye contact between all delegates and superior video conference experience from CISCO.
So we build our design with Albiral tilted 17” screen on table in front of each delegate, with Shure high end discussion system.
With advance camera tracking solution from SONY integrated with the switching and control system from Crestron.
The sound system for this room delivered by BOSE MSA12 Steerable Line array speaker to ensure the best sound quality for each person regardless his location in relation to the speaker position.
Finally we’d like to thank our great installation team who finalized the deployment and commission of the equipment perfectly to achieve customer satisfaction.

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